my ingredients are like superpowers!

here's how they benefit you

Know Brainer enhances mental clarity, supports weight wellness, and enables you to travel light. Filled with brain-boosting, metabolism-movin’, taste bud-friendly ingredients. Whether you need to kick start your busy day or enjoy a “me minute,” my nutrients will do your body and mind good.

mental clarity

Stay sharp with a perfectly portioned combo of MCT oil, grass-fed butter (it’s got this stuff called butyrate that reduces inflammation in your brain and cuts down on brain fog...)


weight wellness

I’m filled with the good stuff like Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which means I’ll rev up your metabolism, keep you satiated & curb cravings. Beat that!

travel light

Good riddance, messy kitchen. Give your measuring spoons, blenders, and bottles a break. Sub out the messy coffee concoction and sub me in! Just stir and go!