Food & Drink Get a Man-Glow with 10 of the Best Collagen Snacks

Adding collagen to your diet can be as easy as noshing popcorn thanks to a new trend of collagen-infused snacks. From coffee creamer to protein bars, oatmeal cups and pre-made meals, men can enjoy the benefits of collagen without taking a supplement or mixing powdered collagen into water (which tastes nasty).

Why would a guy want to take collagen?

Basically, for a man-glow. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, created naturally in the bones, muscles, and skin. It’s got a roundhouse kick of benefits, from promoting healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, and even joint health to keep you running and benching. Since the body makes its own collagen, we can eat more whole foods that promote collagen production (like garlic, tomatoes, egg whites, and berries), but factors such as age, UV exposure, and smoking assist in the natural decline of that production.

So, back to snacks.