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who loves me - Max Sweets
★★★★★ "I love your matcha mct oil packets! Making my vision board and enjoying a cup.'' Anna from Boulder
★★★★★ "Thank you sooo much...I want to let you know I really like your product. I really think the product is helping my journey to a healthier me. I have recently started a KETO lifestyle. Your product is a daily part of my regiment." William from Sacramento, CA.

★★★★★ "know brainer, just tried my first packet from my very first order and wow this is delish! I've used Bulletproof for a while, and I'm very happy that I can get the same nutrition from a smaller business."

★★★★★“I love your stuff so much! It honestly saved me on vacation and it tastes better than the bulletproof I was making at home.” Mick on Instagram.

★★★★★ "I love your products. I found them two weeks ago and started right away. I have lost 15 pounds. It definitely has helped me be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. I tried the other ketone products but they had such a chemical taste to them. My husband even started using the French Vanilla creamer.  My favorite is the Original. Thank you for your product. I’ve been telling all of my friends and family about it." Amanda on Facebook

★★★★★ "Thank you Know Brainer! Down 15lbs, off my cholesterol meds and have a new lease on life. Who would have thought a small packet would yield such powerful nutrition!” Mike from Denver, CO

 ★★★★★ "Love, love, love my Original Know Brainer. Can’t go a morning without it and actually keeps me satisfied throughout the morning."Susan from St. Louis, Missouri

 ★★★★★ "Brain fog is gone and I am nicer to my children because I have Know Brainer each morning. My favorite is the French Vanilla." Amanda from Lafayette, CO

 ★★★★★ "For years, I was told to load up on carbs before a race. One packet of Know Brainer has been the key to improving my time and endurance."Tom from  St. Petersburg, FL

★★★★★ "Thank you! Know Brainer was waiting for me at pick-up on the Appalachian Trail. I appreciated the extra fuel you included. You guys rock!" Casey on  Appalachian Trail

★★★★★ "I have T2 Diabetes and use the ketogenic diet to keep my body in check. Thank you for making it so easy."  Doug from Chicago, Illinois

 ★★★★★ "I have revered my T1 Diabetes with the ketogenic Diet and Know Brainer has made my mornings so easy! Thank you Know Brainer!"  Gary from Boise, Idaho

 ★★★★★ "Love, love, love your product! Am a daily KB drinker and love it!" Melinda from San Fransisco, California

★★★★★ "This week my order of Know Brainer arrived and it was so nice to have the extra surprises with it.  I love the mug, wallet and your nice note.  Thank you!" Anonymous

★★★★★ "A happy customer." Laurie Fisher


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