Curb Halloween Cravings with Know Brainer!

Curb Halloween Cravings with Know Brainer! - Max Sweets

                                                      It's Simple Science.

So how do we communicate effectively with our brains? It's a Know Brainer: consume medium chain fats first thing in the morning

MCT's, aka healthy fats, are found in coconut and organic grassfed butter.  Satiate your mind and body with fats this Halloween season and avoid unwanted cravings!  These healthy fats immediately metabolize in the liver, sending energy directly to the brain, supplying sustained fuel for your body.

On the contrary, consuming carbohydrates first thing in the morning, while also metabolized in the liver, provides immediate fuel and if not used, is stored as fat in the body. Subsequently, the brain craves more carbs and we eat more until there is no candy corn left. Read More here.

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