3 Benefits of Butter Coffee

3 Benefits of Butter Coffee - Max Sweets

Butter! It Gets a Bad Rap. 

What if we told you that eating fat helped you gain energy and lose weight?

That's right - eating healthy fats improves your mood and overall physique! Some fads come and go, but butter in your coffee is here to stay.

Here at Know Brainer, we use the highest quality ingredients grassfed butter and MCT oil in our coffee creamers and instant beverages. This encourages and tells the body to use fat as fuel, hence, burning fat instead of muscle. This is the premise of the ketogenic diet. 

According to an article in The New York Times, "Dr. Frank Lipman, an integrative doctor, recommends Bulletproof (butter) coffee to clients (who include the actress Gwenyth Paltrow) for 'mind clarity and a bit of pep.'" 

This is true! Adding high quality butter and MCT oil is the best way to improve your mood while decreasing your waist line. 

Listed below are the top 3 benefits of drinking Know Brainer's line of butter and MCT oil infused instant beverages and creamers.

 1. Improves Your Overall Health

Drinking caffeine mixed with healthy saturated fats allows the body to slowly break down the caffeine, resulting in a longer lasting burst of energy and focus. 

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking your morning cup of coffee with grass fed butter resulted in a much lower risk of acquiring heart disease. There are many other studies that back up this claim as well. 

Grass fed butter contains crucial anti-inflammatory components, vitamins, including vitamin A for eyesight, vitamin E for your immune system, and vitamin K for bone and heart health. All of which support a healthy and strong neurological system within the body. By consuming butter coffee first thing in the morning, you are providing the body with the best form of fuel to start the day off right. 

2. Boosts Your Metabolism & Mood

When you give the body the correct nutrients, it responds accordingly. The gut and brain are connected, and when the body is eating the correct nutrients, the mind is happy. 

When we eat foods rich in saturated fat, we are giving the body what it needs to thrive. If our body was a spaceship, our gut would be the mission control center.

When we provide the body with healthy fats, it allows healthy bacteria to thrive, and the bad bacteria to die off. The human body is made up of fat, cholesterol, and bacteria, so it is not healthy to minimize these three things in our natural diets.

3. Prevents Mid-Day Caffeine Crash 

The best part about coffee is that very first sip. There's nothing quite like it - until now. Our instant creamers and beverages give you a long-lasting boost of energy and focus, unlike the normal coffee and tea alternatives. 

Combining coffee and fat allows that "caffeine high" to last far longer than drinking coffee black or with a dash of milk. Basically, you're getting more for your money, and your body will thank you for it. 

Are you interested in trying our grass-fed"butter coffee?" Click here and you can choose from our assortment of instant coffees, teas, and creamers - all infused with, you guessed it, butter and MCT oil! 




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